Not only climate change

Effects of human activity on populations of Paramuricea clavata

The project Not only climate change takes place at the Underwater Gardens of la Selva.  It is an area located at the header of the underwater canyon of Blanes (Spain) that covers a depth range of 30-70m deep.

The objective is the detection and analysis of human impact on the populations of red seafans (Paramuricea clavata).

Surveys are done SCUBA diving. Dives are of scientific purpose since most of them are below the 40m sport limit.

Sampling period: March-August 2021

Cronicles of the sampling points:

Sample 1: point 132 (-37m)>> Sample 6: point 33 (-53m)>>
Sample 2: point 119 (-51m)>> Sample 7: point 236 (-52m)>>
Sample 3: point 118 (-52m)>> Sample 8: point 63 (-53m)>>
Sample 4: point 57 (-51m)>> Sample 9: point 22 (-55m)>>
Sample 5: point 8 (-52m)>> Sample 10: point 4 (-55m)>>

Bionomic map produced by S'Agulla. Extension of the study area: 16 km2


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