Els Jardins Submergits de la Selva (The Underwater Gardens of la Selva)

Biometry of red sea fans

The second objective of the project Els Jardins Submergits de la Selva is the biometric study of the red sea fans Paramuricea clavata.

This organism, on certain substrata, reaches to produce formations equivalent to forests. Populations growing on underwater cliffs between 10-40m deep are well known; whereas the deep ones (below 50m deep) remain unknown, among other reasons, because they can only be reached by very experienced scuba divers.

The results showed that the red sea fans of the study area are on average height, the tallest of the Mediterranean!

This and other results were presented at the Simposio Ibérico de Estudios de Biología Marina (SIEBM), San Sebastián (Spain), September 2012. More information >>


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