Present projects

Els Jardins Submergits de la Selva (The Underwater Gardens of la Selva)
Research of the marine environment at the head of the underwater canyon of Blanes. The study focuses on the range between 30-70m deep.
(a) bionomical map of the study area which is of 16 km2. More information >>
(b) biometric study of the deep populations (located below 50m deep) of the red sea fan  Paramuricea clavata. This organism is considered a key specie of the environment: it would be like the oak trees of an oak wood. More information >>

Hunting ghost nets

Location of gosht nets within the southern Costa Brava
a) Location of abandoned fishing gear
b) Foster environmental awareness about this serious issue among professional and non-professional fishermen

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Ghost nets out!

a) Demonstrative action of removal of ghost nets>>
b) Rise environmental awarness of the need to preserve the Els Jardins Submergits de la Selva marine area. First action>>

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Mapping of abandoned fishing gear at South Costa Brava

a) Analysis of S’Agulla’s photographic archives of the area known as the ‘Jardins Submergits de la Selva’ (The Underwater gardens of the Selva). It is a 16 km2 zone located between the towns of Blanes and Tossa de Mar (South Costa Brava, Spain) at 30-70m deep
b) Geolocation of the results using a Geographical Information System (GIS)

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Ended projects

Research on the gene structure of the red sea fan populations found at the head of the underwater canyons of the coast of Catalonia (the canyons of Arenys, Blanes and Palamós), and the relationship with the closest shallower populations of Llafranc and Begur (Spain).
Understanding how their genes are, allows us to unravel the kinship of the different populations and therefore, also their capacity of dispersion and their potentiality to regenerate after events of massive mortality. This last factor is important to be taken into consideration when defining environmental management policies. More information >>