Per Focs la mar també brilla!

(During the Fireworks the sea also shines!)


Per Focs la mar també brilla! is an awareness campaign with 2 objectives:

(1) Show that there are more environmentally friendly ways to have fireworks shows

(2) Draw attention on the everyday use of plastic

In Blanes (Spain), every year there's an international firework festival known as Focs de Blanes. On the  31st of July 2016 we organised a clean-up of the sea bottom right after the event within the area where the fireworks are lit up.

Now and exhibition has been produced with the collected materials. It consists of two infographics and educational activities. The display analyses: the type of materials found, their origin, time they take to degrade, why should we worry about the management of plastic and what can we do about it.

FREE educational materials available!

                Reduced version of the posters                                                             Educational activities