Oceans (ended project)

(This project ended due to lack of founding. Would you like to sponsor it? Contact: info@sagulla.org)

LogoOCEANSgranNetworking to discover the marine environmentInternational educational project for students aged 12 to 16

The Oceans project in less than 2 minutes!!!

Oceans is an international online collaborative project for students age 12-16. The objective is to make them discover the sea from their own observations, in a crossdisciplinary manner and, sharing their results with other schools around the world using ICTs.

The marine environment is approached from three different points of view: the sea, the sand and living creatures, emphasising the species of commercial interest. The final activity is the creation of an audioguide with the itinerary of the “fish route”: specifying location of fishing grounds, port, fish market, etc. along with information that students consider of interest.

The lingua franca of the Project is English, although materials are also available in Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

Total duration of the Project: 3 months

Enrolment fees: free

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Edition 1st 2nd
Term 2015-16 2016-17
Participating schools 15 23
Number of classes 29 55
Total of students 670 1200
Participating countries Spain and Italy China, Mexico, Spain, USA, Taiwan and Turkey

Further information and contact

Carol Campillo Campbell
e-mail: carol@sagulla.org

Oceans is a project created in collaboration with LogoIEARNPangea2