Marine marvels and... plastic threats at CFA of Lloret de Mar

Today the S'Agulla Team has had the pleasure to present the marine environment of the Selva area to the students of the Adult's School (Centre de Formació d'Adults -CFA) of Lloret de Mar (Spain). The event took place at the Conference Hall of the Municipal Library. The talk started with a "dry SCUBA dive", where attendants could see the different landscapes you can find at the sea bottom. Afterwards it moved on to the threats, especially plastics: a great product that it is difficult to manage when it becomes litter.

The session ended with an intense debate about drinking water which we are very surprised and proud of!

The S'Agulla Team would like to thank the CFA of Lloret de Mar for the invitation and the Municipal Library for the usage of the hall and technical support.

The S'Agulla Team