The project on microplastics of S'Agulla at the El País newspaper

The Project Searching for microplastics at the Underwater Gardens of La Selva is sponsored by #proyectolibera. Proyecto Libera is an initiative created in 2017 by SEO/BirdLife Sapin in collaboration with Ecoembes (the Spanish recycling company). The objective is to raise awareness and encourage actions to keep the environment free of litter.

Among other initiatives, Proyecto Libera leads 1m2 for nature. It consists in encouraging people to clear the litter of 1 m2 of land. These events are coordinated by environmental associations. The next clearance event is scheduled for Saturday 15th of June. For the ocasion the national newspaper El Pais has published an article about it. In points 5 and 10 Dr. Carlo Tidu, member of S'Agulla, also has made some comments! Complete article >>

On behalf of S'Agulla we would like to thank the colleagues of #proyectolibera to think about us and to the El País newspaper for reporting so well the complexity of the litter issue.

The S'Agulla Team