Meeting of environmental associations sponsored by the #proyectolibera

This weekend S'Agulla attended the annual meeting of NGO's that have been sponsored by #proyectolibera to develop environmental projects.

The Proyecto Libera is an initiative created in 2017 by SEO/BirdLife Spain in collaboration with Ecoembes (the Spanish recycling company). The objective is to raise awareness and encourage actions to keep the environment free of litter. More information >>

S'Agulla presented preliminary results of the Project Searching for microplastics at the Underwater Gardens of la Selva Project. It is a first approach of the detection and analysis of microplastics (size smaller than 5mm) in the area of the Underwater Gardens of la Selva (Costa Brava, Spain). Sampling points are between 30 - 60m deep. Actually there are no much data available for these depths. Preliminary results >>

Although S'Agulla was the only association to present marine data, it was a great pleasure to share experiences and points of view in such a constructive attititude!

On behalf of S'Agulla we would like to thank again Proyecto Libera for their suport and for the nice opportunity to meet other environmental associations.

The S'Agulla Team

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