The campaign of awareness of the state of the sea bottom starts in Blanes (Spain)

Imatge FocsThis morning in Blanes (Spain) has started the campaign of awareness of the state of the sea bottom Per Focs la mar també brilla! (During the fireworks the sea also shines!). It is organised by the environmental association S'Agulla, the scuba diving club Mola Mola and the Club Vela Blanes yachting club. Today's activity consisted in the clean-up of the sea bottom surrounding the rock of Sa Palomera. It is from this emblematic point where the fireworks of Blanes' international competition take off. The objectives of this event are to make people aware that there are more environmentally friendly options to  perform these pyrotechnical events and also
Baby wipes and fireworks' waste in the background.
to report that the incorrect use of toilettes as wastepaper baskets makes that non-biodegradable waste reach the sea. This is the particular case of baby wipes, sanitary towels, cotton buds and cigarette filters.  Once they reach the sea they accumulate, in some cases they break up in small pieces that marine organisms take for food and finally enter our food chain.

In a festive mood, voluntary scuba divers have collected:

Plastic 40
Paper 25
Baby wipes and sanitary towels 8
Cans and other metals 8
Tires 20
Pipes of PVC 15
Sheet of fibreglass 15

Classificant els residus (PHOTO: Eva Palau)
Classifying the waste found (FOTO: Eva Palau)
The waste has been classified at the stand set on the promenade. Passers-by were informed about the problems related to the waste and how changing the habit of using the toilette as a wastepaper basket can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Today's event is the first part of the Per Focs la mar també brilla! campaign. It will be followed by an exhibition done with posters produced by the S'Agulla association. It will be displayed at libraries and schools of the area to make people aware of the problem of plastic at sea and to promote a change in people's habits till the end of June 2017.

This project is supported by CUP of Blanes within their campaign of support to local associations Diners al carrer (Money in the street), the diving centre Blanes-Sub,  the Catalonian Federation of Underwater Activities (FECDAS) and Blanes' Town Hall.

We would like to thank volunteers, collaborators and sponsors to make this initiative possible and, to the media for disseminating it!

The S’Agulla Team